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Doble Calisto 9

February 2021

Complete DGA + moisture

Calisto 9 is a multi-gas online DGA diagnostic monitor that measures all seven fault gases plus oxygen and nitrogen with industry-leading detection limits.



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Vista SD Underground Distribution Switchgear

August 2020

Vista SD switchgear offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to solving switching, protection, and reliability challenges using solid-dielectric material instead of SF6 gas.



System Reliability Video

PMH/PME SD Info Video

Vista SD Information PDF

Vista SD PMH/PME Direct Replacement PDF

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ESL Power Systems' TripleSwitch

July 2020

ESL’s OSHPD seismic certified (OSP) TripleSwitch™ is UL/cUL 1008 Listed  and provides a dual purpose solution to service those facilities that utilize an automatic transfer switch and a permanent generator.

Load Bank Test Video Link

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Register Now for NovaTech's weekly Power Hour webinar

July 2020

Join NovaTech sales engineers for a weekly webinar every Wednesday at 11am EDT. Ask your questions on NovaTech Power products and get live answers

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NEW Russelectric RTS-CD Transfer Switch

July 2020

Russelectric announces its new RTSCD commercial duty transfer switch, a cost effective option ideal for commercial spaces.

Website Link


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