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About Weldy Lamont Group


Weldy Lamont Group, Inc. is a manufacturers' representative firm representing companies in electrical power products and services. Historically, Weldy Lamont Group has geared its business toward selling products, which require engineering expertise. The companies represented by Weldy Lamont Group are considered the finest in their respective industries, with quality products that set the marketplace's standards. These quality enterprises fit the standards of excellence that Weldy Lamont Group strives to provide.


Sales emphasis is on consulting engineers, industrial, and utility customers.


L.L. (Butch) Weldy founded Weldy Associates in 1946. Weldy-Lamont Associates, Inc. was formed in 1971 when Dennis W. Lamont purchased Weldy Associates upon L.L. Weldy's retirement. In 2004, Patrick J. Hennelly and William T. Heberer became the third generation of company owners.


In 2012 the company was divided into two separate business entities: Weldy Lamont Group, Inc. and Weldy-Lamont Associates, Inc. Weldy Lamont Group is the manufacturers' representative. Weldy-Lamont Associates, Inc. is the international side of the business performing EPC projects in Africa. Each company operates independently from the other in separate locations.

In January 2016, Weldy Lamont Group welcomed its fourth generation of owners as Joseph L. Bolsinger and Kyle C. Johnson purchased Weldy Lamont Group shares from Patrick J. Hennelly and William T. Heberer. 

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