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Utility Market - Illinois North

Weldy Lamont Group represents these manufacturers in various markets and regions.


American Super Conductor Corp

STATCOM system, SVC Solutions, Superconductor Cable Systems, Fault Current Limiters, Power Quality Solutions, Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filters


Complete Solutions for Monitoring, Recording, Advanced Measuring, Distributed Disturbance Recording, Communications and Utility-Grade Construction

distran package subs.png

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations

Complete Packaged Substations, Factory Built Substations, Elevated Substations, Pre-fabricated Bus Assemblies and eXpress Power Stations

distran steel.png


Transmission and Substation Steel Structures and Supports



Protection Testing: F-Series relay test set, ENOSERV RTS & Powerbase, Protection Suite.
Offline Apparatus Testing: M-Series PF Test Set, SFRA, TDR Circuit Breaker Analyzer, Vanguard Instruments product family.
Online Monitoring: DoblePrime monitoring platform, Morgan-Schaffer Calisto DGA.
Asset Management & Consulting: DUCe NERC CIP compliance program, DobleARMS enterprise risk management, EMI surveying, data cleanup, engineering services.


Howard Lighting Products

LED, Indoor, Outdoor, Emergency and Specialty Lighting

Incab America.png

Incab America

OPGW and ADSS Fiber Optic Cable for utility and telecom applications.


Ethernet Switches, Secure Gateways, Hardened Computer, Device Servers, Power over Ethernet, Media Converters


Battery Chargers, Rectifiers and DC Power Systems.


Substation and Distribution Automation Packages (SCADA/EMS), RTUs, System Integration.


nVent Erico

Exothermic Grounding Connections, Ground Rods & Accessories.

olsun logo.jpg

Olsun Electrics

Dry Type LV and MV Power Transformers and Reactors


Metal-clad Switchgear, Arc-resistant Equipment, Power Control Rooms and Smart Substations. Isolated Phase Bus Duct; Low & Medium Voltage Segregated and Non-Segregated Bus Duct.

Preformed Line Products

Distribution Formed Wire Armor Rod, Grips & Ties, Transmission Formed Wire Armor Rod and Conductor Support, Fiber Optic Formed Wire Conductor Support, Fiber Optic Splice Cases, Solar PV Panel Support Systems.


Automatic Transfer Switches, Generator Control Switchgear.

S&C Electric

Underground and overhead distribution switchgear, Metal-Enclosed switchgear, Automation controls & switching equipment, Fusing equipment, Reclosers, Power System Solutions and EPC Projects.

sgb smit logo.jfif


Large Power Transformers, Generator Step-Up Transformers, Auto-Transformers, Grid Transformers, Phase-Shifting Transformers, Air-Core Shunt Reactors rated from 300 MVA to 1200 MVA.


Bare Aluminum Distribution Cable (AAAC, AAC, ACSR), Bare Aluminum Transmission Cable (AAC, ACAR, ACSR, ACSS, TW), Underground Transmission Cable 69kv-230kv, Distribution Multiplex Cable, Distribution Underground Cable, MV Underground Cable (TR-XLPE & EPR), Cable in Conduit, Spacer Cable, Bare Copper Cable, Substation Control Cable, Solar PV cable, DLO Cable, Fiber in Duct.

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