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Utility Market - Illinois South

Weldy Lamont represents these manufacturers in various markets and regions.


Complete Solutions for Monitoring, Recording, Advanced Measuring, Distributed Disturbance Recording, Communications and Utility-Grade Construction


Ethernet Switches, Secure Gateways, Hardened Computer, Device Servers, Power over Ethernet, Media Converters


Substation and Distribution Automation Packages (SCADA/EMS), RTUs, System Integration.

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Olsun Electrics

Dry Type LV and MV Power Transformers and Reactors


Automatic Transfer Switches, Generator Control Switchgear.

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Large Power Transformers, Generator Step-Up Transformers, Auto-Transformers, Grid Transformers, Phase-Shifting Transformers, Air-Core Shunt Reactors rated from 300 MVA to 1200 MVA.


Bare Aluminum Distribution Cable (AAAC, AAC, ACSR), Bare Aluminum Transmission Cable (AAC, ACAR, ACSR, ACSS, TW), Underground Transmission Cable 69kv-230kv, Distribution Multiplex Cable, Distribution Underground Cable, MV Underground Cable (TR-XLPE & EPR), Cable in Conduit, Spacer Cable, Bare Copper Cable, Substation Control Cable, Solar PV cable, DLO Cable, Fiber in Duct.

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